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Our design philosophy is based on integrating the culture of today fused with imagery and innovative technologies of future. Being conscious of environmental issues of sustainability and social needs of the people and urban context. Vertical Studio is an integrated practice of architecture, interior design, and urban planning dedicated to creating more vibrant communities. From master planning to individual buildings, each element working together, blocks or buildings have interdependent relationship with each other. striving to make more humane and sustainable urban whole. Our purpose of architecture is in making a City. Our designs is an architecture of “time" and “place", our designs are not predicated by a singular language, but inspired through careful assessment of history, climate, culture and context of place where they stand. We believe that the best way to improve the future of a place is to understand its past, patterns and precedents.

We also believe in international collaboration with other firms from around the world – Quebec, Australia, United States, China, working globally, sharing knowledge and ideas to make unique and iconic designs. For 4 years the team of Vertical Studio have been pro-active not only in the architecture, but have extended this passion for arts and architecture by educating young minds through involvements in workshops at Taiwan and Vietnam Universities, giving lectures, collaborating with international designers of other disciplines, sponsoring art exhibitions, All to sharing and spreading culture and knowledge.

Lily Le

Lily completed her MA of Digital Architecture at University Tech-nology of Sydney in 2010 and MA of Architecture Theory in 2004 in the States. Interested in learning about art and architecture through international travels; she has worked in Washington DC and Kentucky in US and lived in Venice, Italy 2 yearsvfor an intern-ship at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, later moved to Sydney to work with PTW Architects which lead her to becoming an associate and team leader at PTW Ho Chi Minh City office. Lily is integral in starting up Vertical Studio contributing her experiences in wide range of projects from mix-use residential, office designs to com-petition submissions and facade designs.

Work stops at sunset. Darkness falls over the building site. The sky is filled with stars. “There is the blueprint,” they say.

Olivia Wang

Olivia is one of the founders of Vertical Studio. She and Lily Le work with the same team for more than three years; designing international projects and competitions since 2010 and now they have created their own studio in 2014.

She has a solid engineering background and Master degree of Urban Planning and Design from University of London, UK. She is currently pursuing her Taiwan Culture University doctoral studies. She has worked in Rural Development Bureau, New Taipei City Government and also has a wide range of work experiences in London, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Sydney , Shanghai and other many overseas locations. All of these experiences has given her more international insight; through design and project management capabilities. She also has excellent design knowledge and management capabilities on different types of projects from mix-use residential towers, to offices, to interior, to landscape design, and master planning.

We are building our own future now. Working with different culture and variety people with creativity is the key toward the future.

Leo Lam Vuong

Lam received his Bachelor of Architecture in 2008 from the Univer-sity of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Lam has worked with PTW Architects for past 4 years leading the 3d team and designing facades in Taiwan as well as many mix-use projects in Vietnam. He brings his expertise and passion of 3d visualization to Vertical Studio and his well-rounded experience in design compe-titios-winning Wende Towers and Dunbei Office Tower inTaipei and also honorable mention for Keelung Harbour Port.

When you have no rules, then you start to build your own rules. - Renzo Piano

Juan Carlos Vazquez Venegas

Juan Carlos Vazquez Venegas, graduated from the Department of Architecture, California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo. Experience in North America includes residential works in the US and Stadia design in Mexico. In 2012 Juan Carlos joined PTW in Vietnam, to design and coordinate projects in Vietnam and Taiwan; where he participated in a wide range or projects from residential and office towers to port design.

No project can attain brilliance without a great founding idea. That is where architecture takes place.

In 2014 Juan Carlos joins the Vertical Studio design group, as an architect.

discere faciendo-to learn by doing


Work with people you love. Everything else is just details.

EZIO (Ezio Scaletta)


Personalize every project. You won’t convince anyone until you convince yourself.

Ian (Lee Yen Hsun)

Lee Yen Hsun , graduated from the Department of Architecture, Chinese Culture University, committed to a local architectural firm to learn/practice combining the government rules and the design idea. Through the work experience he learns creating a space to make users comfortable. Then he join PTW Architectural Taiwan branch. To coordinate with foreign architects and local clients and having the access into different architectural design methods from different countries and backgrounds. Also participated in the case with residential public space, façade design, court yard layout.

The concept of space design, Lee persists in the probability between two elements. It is not the none game-zero but can through the interface to connect.

2014 Lee joins the Vertical Studio design group, and put himself all in into the interior cases. Using the concept to create different spaces. Expect to create an ideal space to fit all kinds of needs.

Start from a baby shake

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